Saturday, August 22, 2009

Everyday life in MEB

The manager’s life is not only work, of course, but even in my private life I feel very well wearing MEB clothes . I play with the single items to experiment new outfits, but the play risks to be endless. Once I wrote that MEB catalogue is like a painter’s palette, from which people can choose colors (and shapes) to “paint” his own wardrobe. Here are some pics to show how I use these dresses in my everyday life (and to show my friends, my places and my vanity) ;)

At the theater with my beloved friend Alexin, an Italian designer who shares with me her SL since our very first days. I wear the Pandi black outfit, made more elegant by pearls, white hair and black stockings.In the second pic, I play modeling with Laura18 Streeter in the astonishing Striking poses store. She wears MEB Jennyfer, while I did compose an outfit by joining the Saigon blouse and the Rodeo white pants.Below, a moment of relax at MEB store. MariaElena is talking with our friend Ergosumma23 Amat, and she seems not aware that her CEO is relaxing ;) She wears a brown version of Pandi outfit, while I’m wearing Barbara, one of my favorite casual ones.Again Ale in the last pic: we are on the top of a lighthouse, after dancing in a 50s style parlor at Mandalay. My outfit is one of MEB best seller, Giselle, that I wear with black pearls by Jennyfer Miles and white boots by Bax Cohen (I have been an amateur photographer, so I love so much black and white…)

How a manager does look in the night? MEB leather jacket Baires or Gold, sunglasses, foulards… what a difference with the bottom left picture, token before going to work, were I wear the Pepe jacket, with its almost military look! Top right I’m wearing the Romy sleeveless outfit, without accessories, for a walk in the nice market land Macos Mall, where MEB holds one of its stores.

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