Monday, August 17, 2009

A New MEB Main Store (April 2009)

Being the old MEB main store too small for the growth of the brand, MariaElena decided in April to renew the palce. Thanks to the genius of Aiyki Takakura, the builder, a new big store born in few time. Two floors, smooth colors and an astonishing tubular structure to bear a modern glass roof, in the same place in which the old store was (CZESTATE, Kua Nui).

Ground floor is dedicated to show MEB classics and new collections and decorated by two nice fountains and by a cascade; at the right center of the space lays a runway, a promise for the many forthcoming events that the brand will organize.
First floor shows casual clothes, separates, accessories and an exposition space called Fashion & Art. As usual, a large corner of the first floor hosts the nice Pandora Runo’s furniture shop. Thanks to our friend Zhora Maynard, sculptress of lights and shapes, the store shows also some of her works.

The new store, a more comfortable space for receiving customers and spend time chatting and watching clothes with them, was opened with a nice party, where all MEB’s friends were invited, and where the models Giada Oh, Maura Taurog, Kellykelly Vendetta, Beckybloom Beaumont, Silviax Johin and Memole Giha have been testimonials of the brand wearing some of the best known MEB outfits.

MEB Staff (MariaElena, Melusina, Pandora) in black clothes, dancing at the opening party. Below, thwo artworks by Zhora Maynard: Dragon Power and Esencia

Maura Taurog wearing the MEB beige raincoat; Giada Oh wearing the elegant dress Austen

Main entrance, a moment of the party, one of the fountains, and a pic of the old store.

MariaElena proudly walking on the new store’s runway

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  1. Not to say of the many friends and clients that were in the audience... like myself, LOL! Kisses hunny!


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