Saturday, August 8, 2009

MEB Spring Collection 2009 (1)

Some MEB Spring Collection 2009 outfits:
Pandi black, Juliette, Ballerina and Henriette,
worn by Giada Oh (mannequins); location: Alchimia;

At the very beginning of Spring, MariaElena gave all us the surprise of a new collection. In few weeks she created a lot of astonishing outfits, that quickly became some of MEB best sellers.
That is not surprising, looking at the seductive simplicity of Giselle or Jennyfer dresses, or considering the futurist painting inspired Ballerina and Henriette, or even the elegance of Laura, Giada and Leonore. Complete the collection Pandi and Juliette, set at the opposite points of a scale between provocation and graceful kindness, and the stunning Demoiselle, the only long dress in MEB catalogue.

The MEB Spring Collection 2009
(models: Jennyfer Miles and Giada Oh)

Jennyfer Miles mannequins wearing some Spring Collection outfits:
Giselle, Jennyfer, Laura blue, Leonore.

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