Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MEB Fashion Shows (1)

Several shows in the first months of 2009 for MEB, that took part in many ones in different lands where the brand keeps a store, but also proposed its owns, with well known Model Agencies.

Annemarie Perenti is the owner of Best of Italian Style land, a place where you can really find the best of Italian fashion. She did ask MariaElena to present her dresses in a very informal event: no runway, no formal presentation for this Showcase that did look like a tea at home with friends :)
MEB outfits, did match very well to this style, being thought for everyday life.
A photo show of the event was made by the great fashion reporter (and model herself) Sharron Schuman, and is avalaible at

MEB took part in two important events. First, the Fashion Weeks organized by Runway (few of us in fashion world would believe that these would be the last public event made by that great agency, animated - as well as the Runway Magazine - by the passion of Maggie Mahoney and Ocean Bates).
Then, the great happening called FuturRoma, an homage to the Futurist art movement in the year of its centenary, hold in RL and SL in Rome, thanks to the hard and passionate work by Mexi Lane and Patrizia Blessed.

Runway Fashion Weeks, February 2009: the poster and a moment of MEB show

FuturRoma 2009: the two MEB dresses made by textures from futurist paintings (Henriette, texture by Enrico Prampolini; Ballerina, texture by Giacomo Balla); an image of F. De Pero's New York, whose 3D reconstruction has been one of the frameworks of the fashion show.

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