Thursday, August 13, 2009

MEb Fashion Shows (2)

To present the Spring Collection, besides other outfits, was LookElite, the model agency leaded by Fia Bonetto and managed by my close friend Laura18 Streeter. In the framework of its splendid sky runway, its models - among which was Laura herself - gave a crowdy public the taste of MEB Spring.

The poster and the LookElite runway

The public and Laura wearing Demoiselle

The Barbara outfit in the runway; MariaElena and Laura smile at the end of the show

A complete set of pics by Tillie Ariantho at:

The same collection was then presented at SLCN TV (now Treet TV), in a exciting show made for Fashion Spotlights by the models of Moda Agency and presented by Harlee Lane and Nyte Vargas. You can see or download the entire video at

The TV owner and manager, the designer and guests at the show.
Three colors for the Laura outfit

1. One of the top outfit of MEB formal catalogue: Jane Austen, made by a light lace short dress and by a lace-like short jacket.
2. Tayra blue coat, a classic among MEB afternoon outfits.
3. Giselle, the best seller outfit of the Spring Collection.

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