Sunday, August 3, 2014

A great gift!

I've been always honored with Gem Preiz' friendship. He's one of the most talented artists in SL, his fractal works are among the most stunning creations SL art produced.
Yestreday, when Gem IMed me to say he had made something for me, I was both surprised and happy. But when I saw the object he sent me I got speechless: it's a picture named "Tribute to Melusina". His mysterious fractal algorithms generated a distorced image of a surreal building, painted by muted colors.

It's something that I really feel like "mine": Gem has caught my spirit (I wrote him that!), creating the same atmosphere of my photographic works, but using his own techniques. I often have shot RL-like buildings in a way that angle, light and colors make them look unusual, thanks to the absence of people, to the surreal framing, to the symmetries or asymmetries, to the trend towards a monochrome mood or to a matching colors palette. Showing the unseen sides of common life things is a way to show how we can enjoy the world - both real and virtual -  when we don't take it for granted.
Fractals enhance these features: Gem's work is an harmonious painting talking about loneliness, mystery and essential geometry's fascination.
I framed the picture and I hung it on my home office's wall, close to some other beloved gifts. It will show how much our works share similar feelings.

Thank you, Gem, thank you so much!