Besides the Melu Deco creations, the magazine articles on vintage themes and the retro photography exhibits, Melusina dedicated other collections of photos and several other activities to her passion for vintage and retro design, fashion, art and architecture (focused on 1920a-1950s styles): she loves wearing retro clothes, has been in the jury of the Virtual Architecture Museum Build Off 2011, themed Art Deco, and manages also a Flickr set named Art Deco places in SL, where are collected 600+ photos of places and buildings of SL in that style; another, smaller, set is dedicated to Vintage caf├Ęs and clubs. Furthermore, she takes part in vintage and retro events, mostly in 1920 Berlin.
Finally, she's keeping memory of her late friend Cecilia Delacroix' wonderful Art Deco exhibit and supports the Love Donna Flora event (July 2013) also by a photo page of Donna Flora great creations.
The following Flickr sets witness this passion:

1920 Berlin

New York vintage rollercoaster Cyclone

Jardin de Paris Ballet, Paris 1900

Virtual Architecture Museum Build Off 2011 (Art Deco)

Art Deco SL places

Vintage cafes

Vintage portraits

Found in the attic

Vintage trips

Cecilia Delacroix' RL Art Deco exhibit at Campus d'Art

Love Donna Flora