Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Donna Flora is back!

A great day, today!
A friend and a great designer is back to SL, to give all of us the emotion of wearing her wonderful creations.
Donna Flora lived an hard moment, but her genius didn't stop working: April, the dress in the pic, that she wanted to give me, witnesses she's recovering fast and well.
Now, we are looking also for May, and June, and July, and August, and...!
Welcome back, Squinty!

Dress: Donna Flora, April
Hair: Donna Flora Hair for April, black
Shoes: Donna Flora, Sandra wine

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Donna Flora A to Z - C is for Cherie

Yes, C is for Cherie, but also for Come back soon!
I've no words to say how I miss Donna Flora since she's sick. She gave me some of my most exciting moments in SL fashion game, allowing me wearing dresses i could only dream before.
But, first of all, she gave me her friendship, that's to meet and to deal with a unique person, full with passion, fantasy and irony.
So, i want to be among the many, many people who say now:
Come back soon, Squinty!

(Donna Flora A to Z is a project by Cajsa Lilliehook to make Donna's friends support her in a difficult moment: it's a wonderful witness of the love she can enjoy from her friends and it's also an overview of her great creations)