Melusina creates period furniture, Art Deco style, under the brand Melu Deco. She also can take care of her customer's home, office or club decor.

Other samples:

Melu Deco has at this time several shops in vintage and retro SIMs:

Melu Deco shop at Seraph City (closed atm due to SIM rebuilding)

 Melu deco shop at Chicago Roaring '20

Melu Deco shop at 1920 Berlin  

Melu Deco shop at Venice

Melu Deco shop at Lanestris (under construction)

Melu Deco shop at Bay City (under construction)

Melu Deco sponsored Purplemoon Contest 2012, Peace on Earth 2012, Jolie Serendipity Build Off. The brand has also taken part in many charities and events, like Vintage Fair 2011 and 2012, Ashraya, The Only Way, Relay for Life, Genre June 2013 (themed Art Deco) and Love Donna Flora.

As a decorator she has taken care of:
  • Private apartments in Paris 1900
  • Private apartment in 1920 Berlin
  • Primgraph offices at Seraph City
  • Café Reial at Barcelona del Oeste (no longer there)

  • Private home at Lunula 
  • MEB for Mimi fashion show set

  • Garden at Swing Times

  • MEB Spring 2012 Show set

  • MEB Fall 2012 set
  • Charity Event "The Only Way", 2012
  • More than 200 MEB shops (35 still in SL)
  • Melu Deco stores at: Old Hollywood (disappeared), 1920 Berlin, Vintage Retro, Paris Champs Elyseés, Seraph City, Roaring 20 Chicago, Esoterica (disappeared), A&K land (disappeared), Sanremo, Dizzyland (disappeared), Swing Times, Charm District, Tribute City

Melusina also made some builds in the same style or like that:
  • MEB main store at Klio (except Runway block, by Ayiki Takakura)
MEB main store (since 2011)

renewed MEB main store (Jan. 2014)

  • Melu Deco store at A&K SIM (project, building by Kiranha Magic)
  • MEB shop at Kumapyo SIM, 2011 
  • Art Deco exhibit at Art India Gallery, 2013
  • Visioni exhibit at Ars Exhibendi, 2013
  • Look Elite Model Agency venue and Academy, 2012

  • Battersea Power Station of London (model), 2012
    •  Exhibit room at TFK-Tanalois Gallery (2013)

    • Sonatta Morales fashion show set at aQuarela Models

    • MEB shop at FFL 2014 (Steampunk SIM Journey)

    Her furniture have been also used by many stores, offices, venues and homes in SL:
      Modavia Headquarter (furniture no longer there)
      House of Beningborough (no longer in SL)
      Flapperettes Theater
      Look Elite Lobby
      Sonatta Morales' store at Vintage Retro
      Sonatta Morales' store at Relay for Life 2011
      Howl Hottery club
      Bella Tu store at Vintage Fair 2012
      Hotel LaSalle, Chicago Roaring 20s