Sunday, July 21, 2013

Donna Flora: A Tribute

Next July 25th the Love Donna Flora Event will open its doors.
I'll take part in it with Melu Deco brand and also MEB will be there.
Meanwhile, I posted this slideshow on You Tube, as a homage to my dear friend Squinternet.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My photos at The Rose Galleries!

I'm so excited! I got the honor to be invited by Kylie Sabra, Curator of The Rose Galleries, to exhibit my photos there!

From today through August 20th, at Gallery 9, 16 of my pics will be shown in the wonderful framework of The Rose :)
The selection Kylie made is wide and wise: it covers the different ways I'd experimented in these years of SL photography, from vintage themes and style to minimalism, to world's geometries, to lonely landscapes.

 The Rose Galleries hosted and host great artists of SL, and when I visited them I never would have thought my works would ever hang on those walls!

I'm so grateful to Kylie, and not only for the opportunity she gives me, but also for having shown me her passion, her tireless mood in her work and for giving me her friendship :)
I say it again: I've been lucky in SL: my friendlist is full with wonderful people and I take from them the biggest support to follow experimenting the countless attractions and opportunities of this virtual world!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What we are gonna lose of our Retro SL

SL vintage world is suffering a big loss in these days: after almost 6 years of glorious life, Retropolitan magazine does publish in July 2013 its last issue.

Phideaux Mayo, its tireless editor,  is a good friend to me: I shared with her wonderful moments working on my articles on the mag, or dancing at her lovely SIM or chatting with her at Flashmans, while petting her great bobtail Oscar. I won't criticize her statement of ending with the journal: I understand how hard the task is and how one needs to take a break after all that time. SL does change, our RLs do as well, and even good things have their end. By the way, I had also to live the closing of a beloved Italian magazine, Esselle Movie Magazine, where I worked as chief editor...
However, it's at the same time amazing and sad looking at the Retropolitan venue's walls, where more than 3 dozen of covers show their stunning retro fashion photos in the typical green mag's frame. I advise all vintage lovers to go there (it's at Vintage Retro, the beautiful SIM managed by Mila Eldman and Jo Yardley) and to spend a ridicolous amount (5 l$ each past issue) for getting a collection of issues that made Retro SL's history.

In the several issues of the magazine you'll find an almost day-by-day chronicle of the historical events, places, fashion and dreams of this crazy and fascinating past world: the best designer's clothes, the best games, cafes, buildings, furniture, peek out from every magazine's page.
Yesterday, I was talking with a friend who is a passionate vintage lover as well. Talking about Retropolitan, Zoe Fodiboo did ask: "Now where will we get our news for vintage SL?" It's the right question! We can't longer rely on our best advisor, and our only hope is that somebody will fill up the void Retropolitan leave in our SL and in our hearts.
Goodbye old, good RP!