Thursday, March 25, 2010

East meets West Fashion Show – March 27/28

A big cherry tree blossomed in the MEB main store :)

It bears a sign speaking of a fashion show. Better, a fashion meeting.
East meets West: five western brands go to Japan, to show their clothes together with five eastern ones.
The idea and the management of such an opportunity is by AGATA model agency, whose models will present outfits by Azul, Garçon, Honey, Pik Gal, Scars (for eastern brands) and by Miamai, Angel Dessus,Leezu, Hyper Culture and MEB Fashion.
SL has virtually no boundaries and no distances, but cultures and traditions stay alive in it and meet each others in a field so strictly bounded to people’s customs and tastes like fashion is great!
MEB is honored to take part and to contribute to this great meeting and to share with so great brands two days of good taste and beauty.
MEB will present there some outfits from its Spring 2010 collection.

Come to Tokyo, to take part in this great event!

East Meet West Spring Collection, MK Tokyo SIM
2 shows for people in different time zones:

1st show - Saturday, March 27 at 6:00PM SLT
2nd show - Sunday, March 28 at 6:00AM SLT

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was very sad, last day, 'cause the nice land where i opened my first store, Bayou Noir, is gone!
As it often happens, owners decided to sell the SIM: so no more store, and no more splendid moonshines in the bayou park, no more dancing at Satir...
But meanwhile, another clever SIM owner, my friend RobertBob Aquila, offered me a big store, where Melu Deco stuff could find a relevant place to be showed :)

Melu Deco Main Store at Eagle's Rave

Eagle's Rave SIM worths a visit (you can walk or take a gondola, or a balloon :)), and Melu Deco main store gives you the opportunity to check all my items out, in a pleasant displaying.

Here you can see a Flickr slideshow of the store: