Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was very sad, last day, 'cause the nice land where i opened my first store, Bayou Noir, is gone!
As it often happens, owners decided to sell the SIM: so no more store, and no more splendid moonshines in the bayou park, no more dancing at Satir...
But meanwhile, another clever SIM owner, my friend RobertBob Aquila, offered me a big store, where Melu Deco stuff could find a relevant place to be showed :)

Melu Deco Main Store at Eagle's Rave

Eagle's Rave SIM worths a visit (you can walk or take a gondola, or a balloon :)), and Melu Deco main store gives you the opportunity to check all my items out, in a pleasant displaying.

Here you can see a Flickr slideshow of the store:

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