Thursday, February 25, 2010


Primtings Museum is a great Modern Art museum in SL. It displays artworks by SL artists reproducing famuos ones by RL XXth century artists.
Lack of interest by public RL cultural institutions for this SL important work, whose support would be important for Primtings activity, is bringing the Museum to the end.
To support this no-profit cultural institution, the owner launched a campaign to raise funds to pay the SIM tier.
I met Primtings long time ago, and since that meeting it has been one of my favorite places in SL. I had a seat in the Hopper famous bar, i have been hanged on a tree near the Dalì melt clock, i did lived in my favorite paintings, enjoying an artistic experience impossible to live in RL.
So i wanted to support Primtings in its campaign, and I decide to ask my friends to consider to do the same.
Enjoy the Museum and support its life!

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