Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sorry! (But good news!)

I cheated my readers (is there somebody who still reads this blog?), promising some months ago to restart this blog after few weeks of stop!
But meanwhile MEB work increased dramatically: two new collections, the stunning Fall and the great Winter one needed care, many new stores were opened, a lot of shows required preparation. That’s the life of a fashion brand that follows growing up.

Then… great news for Melusina herself. I started since a lot of time to build small furniture for MEB shops, simple things, shelves, displays, tables. But managing textures and prims quickly became an addiction, for me (another addiction, after smoking, shopping and wandering around SL!) and I paired it to my passion for vintage. The result was to discover I can build acceptable Art Deco furniture, and in few weeks I found in my inventory more than 50 new items, coming from my own hands and mind: tables, chairs, rugs, lamps, room dividers reproducing famous 1920s-1940s furniture and accessories, or inspired to the sharpen shapes, rich materials and geometrical designs of the Art Deco style.

So born Melu Deco, my own brand. I rented a first store on January 1st in a nice land I found by chance. Bayou Noir is a New Orleans styled land, with a wonderful park, a nice vintage ballroom (the Satir) and pretty buildings. I did fall in love for it and I couldn’t resist to rent an empty store I saw in the central marketplace. I filled it by my stuff in just one day, and I did believe I finished yet.

But when my friend Jennyfer Miles saw it (she is the MEB top model you can see in the most vendors of our stores, but she’s too the owner of a nice land called Porto Venere, reproducing a very pretty Italian sea village) she proposed me to open another store there. I had the group of the SIM, since MEB had opened there a store I arranged whit special care, according to the elegance of the place, and it was easy to choose one of the nice stores in the center of the town.

So, Melu Deco starts with two awesome stores: after setting more than 50 MEB shops (you can see all them in a beautiful Flickr slideshow I put here below) I am able to mount a store in less than one hour, but I was frightened by the idea of arranging my own one, so I studied for a long while vendors, display arrangement, item choice, trying to make the best I could. If you visit my stores you can evaluate the results.

It was impossible not giving these news in my blog! So I decided to restart again ;)
You all know that my aim was to tell the story of my work at MEB, but the time past since the last posts added so many things to that story that it’s impossible planning to tell all them in details, together with the news of my new activity.
From now on, I decided to write three kind of posts, that I’ll mark by a subtitle out: the first ones will tell a summary of this wonderful last MEB year; the second kind of post will be devoted to Melu Deco and its news (after the first 70 items, that I actually sell in my stores, I have about 20-25 new ones almost finished!), the last kind will be the funny part of my work at MEB: combining items to propose new outfits, a game all our customers can play with a lot of fun 

This post is too long to add what I planned to tell here: the description of Melu Deco inspiration and of the Art Deco style main features. I just address you to the post I wrote to open a group on the social network MOOLTO, but I can’t refrain to post here a slideshow of my new stuff!

Finally, who would like to visit my shops inworld, can follow these SLURLs to Bayou Noir and to Porto Venere.

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