Sunday, September 27, 2009


I had to stop the blog some weeks, ‘cause a terrific pc crash that made me lose almost all last year’s data, even sl pics! I’m trying to recover them through the downloaded ones in my sl inventory or by my friend whom I did give them. Now I save my data copies every day, in a lot of devices (dvd, pen—drive, external hd…): this is the punishment for distracted people who don’t care to save regularly copies of their data; AFTER the disaster, they become maniac with copies and storage devices 

Well, thanks to my friends like Sharron Schuman, that allowed me to use some of her beautiful pics to make my fashion show posts less boring than a simple calendar, I will be able to restart posting, and I’ll do it very soon.

To make this post less tragic, I will stop for a bit the history of my work at MEB and I’ll jump to present time, to show some astonishing outfits of the new Fall Collection, released by MariaElena in these weeks and that was shown yet at the International Fashion Day (managed by Glance) and at Modavia Fashion Week.

In the sequence, I’m mirroring Sorbonne, an outfit that recalls the intriguing atmosphere of the French bistrot, but that - if worn with jewels and proper hair - can be an elegant interpretation of casual wear, thanks to the precious silk of the pants and the soft color of the sweater.
No doubt about the elegance of Riviera: once more wool and silk, but in smoother and lighter colors and a touch of provocation in the tight and short line of the top.
Tiffany is the feast of the contrast: black velvet and cream silk for an outfit made by a straight jacket and a soft pleated midi skirt: I wear it in a ballroom, there, despite it is thought for the elegance in the work days.
In the last pic I put Penny on a stormy background. It’s to say that even rainy weather can be agreeable if we wear this wool traditional kilt, made original by the asymmetric line and paired with a velvet dark brown jacket worn on the naked skin. Boots are the natural complements of such an outfits, and MEB Grunge ones are exciting with their wonderful rawhide texture and their comfortable heels.

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