Melusina Parkin has lived in SL since September 2008. In January 2009 she began working at MEB Fashion, and is now CEO of that brand. Since 2014 she takes part in the board and staff of Torno Kohime-Tanalois Foundation.

Since 2010 she started to build furnitures and created the brand Melu Deco, that aims to offer in SL true Art Deco style furniture and home accessories. Her furniture have been taken to decorate some outstanding venues, like Modavia headquarter and Sonatta Morales main store.

Melu is also a photographer: she exhibited her works in many SL galleries (27 personal exhibits, 14 collective ones) and posts regularly her photos on her Flickr. In 2014 she started to collaborate to Visionaire Institute for photography as a trainer. Her works are permanenty displayed at Artist4SL, Blue Moon gallery and at Campus d'Art.

She loves writing: besides her blog, she has been Editor in chief at Esselle Movie Magazine, publishing there almost 15 articles about fashion. She also published articles on Retropolitan, Mondi Virtuali, Virtual World Magazine, MySLife. Recently, she joined the Versus magazine staff, taking care of the Art section.

As a builder, she has made the MEB main store at Klio and some othes MEB and Melu Deco shops, the Look Elite Model agency lobby and academy, the Cotton Club set for the Look Elite agency graduation show 2012, the set of the Sonatta Morales show with aQuarela Agency and a model of the Battersea Power Station of London.

She supported and supports some good causes, like Primtings Museum and Pixel to Pixel Foundation. Another of her concerns is keeping memory of beautiful SL places that disappears: for this purpose, she manages a Flickr group, open to everyone, called Lost SL.

She can speak English, Spanish and Italian (her native language), understands French and a little bit of German and Portuguese.

Melusina lives in Lunula, Heterocera continent, SL mainland, in a pretty big house on the lagoon where she owns other houses too. Curious about all kind of vintage, from clothes to cities, when not at work, she loves riding and wandering around in SL by train or through public roads on mainland, exploring and taking photos.

She likes good friendships, quality fashion, fine arts, exploring, riding her great horse Alpha, petting her lovely kittens Hug, Mercury, Hanaya, Tamara and Silvestro and her Lord Labrador Ulisse.

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