It's possible to photograph what isn't there; 
it's just damned difficult"
W. Gibson, The Gernsback Continuum

Melusina has done more than twenty personal exhibits and has taken part in several collective ones; she has won some awards at inworld photo contests and her Flickr got more than 1,000,00000 views.
She has been trainer at Visionaire Institute, for courses about landscape and minimalist photography.

Melusina photographs are mostly landscapes and abstract shapes, minimalist style. She loves b/w, urban landscapes, architectural structures and factories. As a creator of Art Deco furniture, she loves also vintage photography, in the same style as above.

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Melusina shows her photographs at her galleries E-mage (Hotel Chelsea and Shiraz)



a. Personal:
(read some introductions here)

Second Deco
R&D Gallery, Diotima, May 2011

Art Deco in Second Life
Museum of American Architecture and Design, June 2011

Past Future
Schloss Museum, 1920 Berlin, August 2011

Vintage Image -  Details from a glamorous past,
R&D Gallery, Diotima, September 2011
Central City Bank Building Seraph City, November 2011

Galeria Lez Spain, February 2012

Photo Anthology
Galeria de la Morada de la Campanilla, May 2012

Tales of Shadow and Light
R&D Gallery, Diotima, June 2012

preview: e.mage Gallery, Virtual Hotel Chelsea, July 2012
entire collection: Serena Center for Artist and the Art, Sept. 2012

Galerie 17, October 2012

Clockwork Landscapes
preview: e.mage Gallery, Virtual Hotel Chelsea, October 2012

Found in the Attic
The Vintage Vision Gallery - New Toulouse, December 2012

Art Deco
(Photos, furniture and gallery decor)
Art India Gallery, February-March 2013
video by Wizardoz Chrome:

Urban Landscapes
Anita's Artspace - Dryland, from March 6th 2013

Visioni. Foto, oggetti e costruzioni fra passato e presente
Ars Exhibendi - MBI, April 5th-May 4th 2013
video by Wizardoz Chrome:

e-mage gallery, from May 2013

Pixel Factories
Dizzy Art Gallery - Dizzyland, June 2013
Video by Wizardoz Chrome:
Exhibit Slideshow:

Vintage Visions Gallery, July 2013

Selected photos
The Rose Galleries, July-August 2013

Hidden geometries
Tanalois Gallery, September 2013

City details
ImagineNation Gallery, January 2014

City's two faces
Las dos caras de la ciudad
LezSpain Gallery, January 2014

Other Hidden Geometries
Lefevre Mansion, March 2014

Homage to Cinema! by Mary Wickentower
LEA 6 - March 2014

A Taste of Minimal
Art4You Gallery at Viriditas, April 2014

American Signs
Rose Theatre and Art Gallery, April 2014

Red Line Art Space at The Nite's Place - May 2014

Closer Looks
Sala C - Sociedad de los Poetas Dementes (Yo Mexico) - July 2014

b. Collective:

Galerie des Machines, Paris 1900, February 2011

Paris Impressions, Cafè des Artistes, Paris 1900, February 2011

The Bright Side of life
Cafè des Artistes, Paris 1900, May 2011

Galerie des Machines, Paris 1900, May 2012

Ashraya Project Photo Exhibit
Ashraya Project SIM, May 2012

Big Wave Rodeo
Cowboys and Surfers - Ars Lunga, June 2012

Bohemian Art Exhibit
Gallery 23 - Hotel Chelsea, November 2012

Galerie des Machines- Paris Couture, December 2012

Anita's Art Space - Dryland, December 2012

Selected photos
Art in the Park - New Toulouse Founders' Week 2013

Selected photos
Atelier Kreslo, from March 20, 2013

Selected photos
Mayotte Gallery (no longer in SL)

Selected photos
Studio V gallery (no longer in SL)

MEB Hats photos
Art in Hats, Hats in Art
Art India Gallery, June 2013

Selected photos
Can you hear the sounds/noise?
Blue Moon Gallery, July-August 2013

Alternate Environments
at Gaia Project - LEA 13 - October 2013

Bohemian Art May/June 2014
Gallery 23 - Hotel Chelsea

MEB Hats photos
Art in Hats, Hats in Art
July 2014

c. Permanent:

Selected Photos
Campus d'Art, Schwanson Schlegel, permanent
(SIM closed, now)

Selected photos
Artists for SL, permanent

Selected photos
Blue Moon Art gallery, permanent

Feedback on my exhibits:Reviews

Introductions to my exhibits:

You Tube slideshows:

MEB Winter 2011 Collection

A vintage trip to Britannia Isle Beach

Donna Flora: A Tribute

Hidden Geometries

Urban Blues

Pixel Factories

American Signs

Minimal Extreme

Other exhibited works:

1930 French ClockClock Museum, permanent
Art Deco Exhibit at Campus d'Art

London Battersea Power Station Model
Virtual Museum of Architecture, May 2012
Exhibit Visioni, May 2013
Exhibit Pixel Factories, June 2013

Magazines covers and ads:
For MEB Fashion, Melu Deco or others, she made covers and ads on Scrulptz, Retropolitan, Bestyle, Modavia Fashion Directory, Berlin Styl, The Primgraph, Esselle Movie Magazine

  • Best voted at VMA Art Deco Clock Contest, Virtual Museum of Architecture, 2011

  • 1st prize at Flapperettes Contest
  • Finalist at Galerie der Sinne contest "Beach and Coast Impressions", July 2014

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