Saturday, March 10, 2012

Donna Flora A to Z - C is for Cherie

Yes, C is for Cherie, but also for Come back soon!
I've no words to say how I miss Donna Flora since she's sick. She gave me some of my most exciting moments in SL fashion game, allowing me wearing dresses i could only dream before.
But, first of all, she gave me her friendship, that's to meet and to deal with a unique person, full with passion, fantasy and irony.
So, i want to be among the many, many people who say now:
Come back soon, Squinty!

(Donna Flora A to Z is a project by Cajsa Lilliehook to make Donna's friends support her in a difficult moment: it's a wonderful witness of the love she can enjoy from her friends and it's also an overview of her great creations)

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