Saturday, January 4, 2014

"City details" exhibit at ImagineNation Gallery

Thanks to Cindy Starostin Ochs and Warren Ochs, owners of  ImagineNation Gallery, I'll open tomorrow a new photo exhibit.

Its theme should be familiar to them who have followed my Flickr in these years: "City details" mixes up my interest for urban environments and my love for details.
The photos in the exhibit don't show wide urban landscapes, but streets, corners, single buildings... I think that these fragments, caught from a closer point of view, can suggest atmospheres and way of life (or better, dealing with SL, the way of imagining and representing atmospheres and ways of life).

I collect this kind of pictures since a long while: I keep being fascinated by the huge number and variety of urban SIMs around SL and I can't stop exploring them. From oldest mainland places to new RP SIMs with very refined graphics, all those cities are amazing and reveil impressive corners.
You can see here more than 20 different examples of SL cities, from the famous 1920 Berlin to the less known RP places. 
In the past months I dedicated a You Tube slideshow to the urban decay; that "Urban Blues" was another way to look at SL cities: in this exhibit I want to portray a less distressed side of them well ordered streets, elegant buildings, bright lights, but also bus or metro stations, dark corners and lonely squares.

As always, things' colors, shadows, lights, contrasts are my protagonists, rather than humans. An ancient author wrote that a city isn't made by stones but by its citizens... well, I want to reverse this statement, like Renaissance painters have made, depicting their "ideal cities" as empty places.
After all, what are SL cities if not "ideal" ones, both when they replicate historical towns, and when they built a "typical" environment for playing a crime game?

I hope this journey through great SL builts will lead visitors to think of the passion and of the caution that owners and builders got in creating and in mantaining their cities. I also hope to succeed in offering a different "eye" for looking those creation with all the care they deserve, discovering meanings and suggestions they can give.

ImagineNation gallery



I got some pretty memories of the opening.
As I wrote in the comment below, Ziki Questi wrote a kind review of the exhibit  

and WuWai Chun honored me with a wonderful portrait on her Flickr

Moreover, Cindy Starostin Ochs took as well a nice pic of me,
and now...
LadyVelvetrose gave me this pretty composition depicting all the guests at the event:

A big thank to all of them!



Wizardoz Chrome is a videomaker who specialize in art events. Her collection of videos on You Tube is a kind of archive of art events in SL

Moreover, they are artworks as well: extremely well-finished images and great soundtracks.
Through them you can enjoy an event at its best even when you missed it.
Well, today, Wiz made me another gift, making a video at the opening of City Details exhibit!
I can only comment that I'm the most happy with it and I encourage all of you to enjoy it!

Thank you, Wiz!!!


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  1. I want to thank all my friends who came visiting the exhibit yesterday at the opening.
    Their appreciation is a push to follow doing my work at my best.
    A special thank to Ziki Questi for her review
    and to WuWai Chun for this great portrait of me at the gallery:


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