Saturday, January 18, 2014

More cities... Exhibit City's Two Faces at LezSpain Gallery

My friends Annie Rothlisberger and Bimba Orfan, owners of the pretty Lezspain Gallery, where I have already had an exhibit, saw my photo show City Details at ImagineNation Gallery and asked me to go back to their gallery.
Since the urban theme is an endless path I follow in my SL explorations, I've thought to show other aspects of that. My archive is full with cities' pictures, and I selected some 35 ones, depicting the ugly and the fair in the SL representation of urban environments.
Sad outskirts and pretty streets of nice houses, dark alleys and pleasant corners, lonely places and delightful buildings alternate in these photos, showing how different can be our look on cities.
Thanks to Lezspain for the opportunity of adding a chapter more to my passionate novel about SL urban views.

UPDATE January 20th

A crowdy and lovely opening, yesterday!
Visitors could enjoy a nice time of music and dance in the same room of the exhibit (good idea, Annie and Bimba!), with the great tunes proposed by DJGeisha.

And now I've the pleasure to read two reviews, by Ziki Questi and by Apmel Goosson: both ones focused the main aim of the series I displayed, and Apmel adds a pretty touch of fun, quoting a nice talk we get at the party :) It shows very well the happy and relaxed mood we enjoyed at the exhibit :) Thank you! (scroll the post to read about my exhibit)

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