Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion friends

I love blogging my friends' gifts.
I'm so lucky to have among my most beloved friends great designers like Maizon Rayna, of Terra d'Ombra. After a long while, I had the opportunity to share with her a nice time last night, visiting her rather new, stunning SIM and showing her the MEB main store new display.

While talking about fashion, I showed her the recent MEB dress Turin. Suddenly she sent me a box, saying "I have the right necklace for that neckline!".
Who is familiar with Terra d'Ombra (if you aren't, you're missing one of the tops of SL fashion!) knows very well Maizon's jewels make us dream, as well as her dresses do. So, I'd no doubt that she was right saying that!   

I was wearing a pearl chocker, a very nice one, but it just decorated my neck, leaving the deep back neckline naked. I worn immediately the Maizon's ROMY jewel set, and my shoulder has been enriched by a wonderful design of tiny gold chains and shiny black gems. A bigger gem with a golden bow closed the perfect symmetry of the three-strand necklace, only one of them being shown on the breast. Opulent earrings complete the set, giving the outfit a touch of glamour more :)

I told it, yet: I'm lucky to have so talented friends. I hope MariaElena and Maizon will like the combination of their creations :))


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