Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa has come to my home!

Santa charged my friend Laura to bring me a gift! ;)
Today I got a pretty Christmas box, and inside it I found a very lovely dress from Compulsion :))
It's something that remembers the famous Coco's words about "a little black dress" :)

A double-layered short dress: a simple black lace tunic, covered by a smaller opaque one. Lace is shown on the top and sticks out from the bottom edge of the graceful skirt. On the high waist, it's decorated by a tiny belt with a large golden buckle. Sober, simple and extremely classy!
I'm very happy to hear from Laura that she thought of me, when she had seen that. I think that is a great compliment being viewed as a girl who matches this great style!
So, I thank her by styling the dress at my best and shooting it in a proper place, the glamorous Deco Cafe at Bay City.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. aw sweet! And here's my story ;P


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