Friday, December 13, 2013

Frosty Impressions contest at Galerie der Sinne - 2nd winner

I've taken part in the Frosty Winter contest at Galerie der Sinne, whose owners Pippa Mint and Herzkoenig Actor are very active in supporting art photography. They make seasonal contests at their beautiful venue, and award ceremonies are enriched by beautiful concerts.

I'd had the honor to be among the winners, this time, and I enjoyed a lovely night of live guitar music by Arminus Writer.

Antartica Slade and Damatjo Magic have bee the 1st and the 3rd winner with their beautiful photos.

Many thanks to the Galerie and to its owners, and also to the jury, made by Brin Oh, Falbala Farey, Roy Mildor and Max Butoh.

Here below the pic that has been awarded

 All the photos of the contest can be seen at the Galerie der Sinne

See also the Flickr of Antartica and Damatjo:



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