Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday gift!

My beloved friends Laura, Julie and Briju know how they have to do when they want to present me a gift... They just have to TP me to Sonatta Morales's store and to be patient, suffering my hundreds of "Oooh! Look at this!", "Wonderful!", "I have to wear this!", or my endless comments about that or that other dress' style and history...
When a new collection like Reverie is displayed at that store, my enthusiatic comments and my indecision about choosing are even harder to afford!
How I prefer to cheat my usual MEB clothes? (Well, it isn't exactly cheating: MEB doesn't make retro clothes!). Which dress deserves to be chosen first? The sparkling CoolJazz or the romantic Garden? The (super)classy, Balenciaga-style, Noite or the dreamy Mesmerizer?

Sonatta Morales' Reverie Collection, some examples

At the end of the tale, I'd fallen in special love with two great dresses, so my friends could have a sigh of relief!
I definitely love them and my new dresses Babylon and Artemisia. I'm wearing them in these pictures, taken on the appropriate background of the Deco Yacht Club.


Artemisia is a 1930-40s style dress, inspired by oriental design. Long pencil skirt, crossed neckline, black silk painted with golden natural patterns, large black sash on the waist, short black gloves and a simple round hat: it's perfect for an elegant happy hour or even for an important work meeting. I wear here the Diva Winged sunglasses, trying to imitate the wonderful look (a bit "dark lady") of the store's vendor. Who loved Wong Kar Wai "In the mood for love" movie could maybe recognize something of the classy and austere elegance shown there by Maggie Cheung.


When I saw Babylon the first time, worn by a Sonatta's store model, I thought of Josephine Baker. Not on the stage, but in her real life, when she changed the famous bananas nude costume to more wearable, sensual and totally original dresses. It talks of Art Deco at its best: geometric, opulent black and golden patterns on an orange background, long decorated black gloves, a simple straight cut enriched by whimsical feathers at the hips' sides.

Have I to add anything to the happiness I show in my pics and in my words?
Thank you, my friends!



  1. I also love the retro fashions at Sonatta Morales. They bring back the marvelous era of the Silent Film Stars of Hollywood. You look wonderful modeling them in the pics, especially wearing Babylon.

  2. Thank you, Mariko, Laura and Walter!!


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