Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another victim of a wrong policy: Primtings Museum is no longer in SL

Primtings and the Shakespeare SIMs are back!!
A miracle?

Many Second Life SIMs close every day: wrong plans, weak management, lack of money, scarce advertising kill old and great commercial brands or even small communities' discos or chatting venues.
It's sad, very sad, to people who loved (and LIVED) them, even if they were just entretainment places.
It's life, it's Second Life.

But sometimes we have to regret even more, 'cause the disappeared place is a different and a special one. Closing of public interest SIMs makes all of us poorer and destroys a piece of the great puzzle-dream that SL would be.
Losing a museum, a theater, an accurate rebuilding of an historical or art town, a famous cafè or a passionate creator's fashion brand means subtracting to SL one of its aims: that of being a place were creativity, passion and skills - which often are frustrated in RL - could show themselves and could give pleasure and useful knowledge to many other people.

So, i think we can't keep silent while Primtings Museum and the connected Shakespeare (with a stunning rebuilding of the Globe Theater) and sLiteracy SIMs disappear from the SL map.

Primtings was a very special museum (i wrote several times about it) where SL artists made 3d versions of contemporary art masterpieces. An unique place, where you could hang on a tree aside to the liquefied clock of the famous Salvador Dali's painting, or you could take a cup of coffee at the counter of the Phillie's pub of the Edward Hopper's Nighthawk one. The architecture of the museum was itself a very original witness of modern design.

I enjoyed it several times, i brought there dozen of friends, and all of them had become enthusiast visitors and supporters of the place. Here you can find records about all the artwork that were in the museum.

Ina Centaur, the restless creator of these wonderful places, wrote a sad message to all her friends telling the bad story that brought the SIMs to die. I don't add anything but a short notice for those who don't have the time to read her letter.
Despite Primtings and Shakespeare SIMs have raisen the money needed to survive until half 2011, the arrear in tier payment of other SIMs brought Ina's account to be closed by LL. Consequently all her properties and items disappeared from our virtual world.

All supporters and contributors of the funding campaign have to be astonished and upset by this strict enforcement of LL rules. But even more should be astonished and upset all art and culture lovers who live in SL, seeing that LL demonstrate to be indifferent to preserve what can be considered as an achievement of SL purposes: making dreams real, showing the great opportunities of the virtual world, overcoming funding tyranny and lack of profitability that is a constant treat to art and culture in their highest forms.
An enlighted management should have to recognize what has worth and deserves support, even if it should mean departing from economic rules. LL should have been supporters of such an initiative - as hundreds of SL residents are - and not its killers.

This post is a requiem for a great place, a protest against a shortsighted company policy and a faithful witness of an art lover and of a SL enthusiast, who feels herself injured by this sad and unnecessary event.


  1. aww I am sorry .. :( ..
    Hugss Mel ..

  2. We at the Esoterica Sims are saddened at the loss of so much true art in SL and hope that other arts organizations will band together in full support of one another so this cannot happen again and again.

  3. LL is killing SL, what they do is an absurd!

  4. One of the best things in SL is the expression of art. It is a pity to lose this.

  5. Then LL should not be surprised if all around the world press tells SL is dead. This is exactly the best way to let this kind of prophecy became real...


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