Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Art Deco photos...

As most of my friends know, since a long time I collect pics of Art Deco places in SL (see my Flickr set). I have been surprised by the huge amount of buildings and whole towns that i found around SL.
Months ago i've been asked by a friend who keeps an art gallery to exhibit some of my photos. So bore the exhibit Second Deco, hosted by Red Bickin and Danniela Bruun at their R&D Gallery.

At the exhibit, i met Frey Bravin, who was starting with the project of a Museum of American Architecture and Design. He invited me to dislpay my works at the new Museum; so I'm grateful and proud to see there a room where my pics are shown.

Likewise, I'm proud also to see my pics shown in an Artist Walk of the beautiful SIM Campus d'Art, owned and built by Cecilia Delacroix, among great SL and RL artists's galleries.

I invite all art lovers to visit these places, that witness one of the most worthy side of SL.

(A special thank to Pandora Runo and Lulubelle Muircastle, who made me met Red and Frey; and to Laura18 Streeter, who gave me the pic of the MAAD exhibit entrance)

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