Thursday, June 30, 2011

More (past) photo exhibits...

In the last post I wrote about my photo exhibits at R&D gallery and at MAAD. Though, I didn't realize that I never noticed I have started exhibiting my pics since a while yet!
I never should have thought to exhibit my photos; I'm not a professional photographer and my technical skills are probably poor; I'm just a passionate amateur, enthusiast witness of my own feelings about SL people, places and magic. If technics is poor, my catching eye is driven by strong feelings and emotions.

Thanks to Olympes Rhode, great Paris 1900 photographer, dancer and friend, I had had that opportunity: she trusted in my skills and she invited me to join the Photographes Inter-Sims group, asking me first some pics for the thematic exhibit "Passages" at the stunning Galerie des Machines in Paris, then for taking part in two great exhibits at the Café des Artistes.

The first one, some month ago, has been about "Paris Impressions" and I had the honour and the pleasure to share the exhibit's rooms with Zaelle Uxlay ans Shoji Kumaki.
The second one, even with the same friends, is about the theme The Bright Side of Life" and it's still open at the Café.
The first pics (you can see them on a Flickr set here) try to catch some meaningful corners of one among the SL cities i love much, where i keep stores and where i take part in great events.

The second exhibit gave me a strong impulse to reflect about things that make my SL worthy and beautiful :) Even a small tree or a bright sunshine can be a reason to love this Life and the Other One.

Faces, Places, Moments are the three words which I had in my mind when I selected the pics.

The Passages theme brought me to experiment some ideas (or questions) about SL-RL relationship: Imitation, Swap, Trespassing. Three possible ways to live both Lives, as we have the chance to do.

Merci Olympes!

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  1. Melusina! I am pleased and almost embarrassed to your compliments. Thank you:))
    The one thing I know is that it is a joy for me to have meet you. You have talent, you have the right word, phrase, image: you have a beautiful and elegant soul and you know to share.
    Kiss my friend :))


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