Monday, March 28, 2011


We all contributed to good causes, in these days. A great solidarity is being seen about Japanese tragedy, and Fashion for Life event involved thousands of fashion lovers, raising more than 4750000 l$.
But we risk to forget that even culture needs even more help.
In many countries, education and culture are neglected and beaten by funds' cuts stated by governments 'cause the economic crisis... In SL, LLabs cancelled tier relief for educational SIMs...

Primtings is a unique virtual museum, where great SL artists tryed to give a virtual life to RL art masterpieces:wandering around its awesome rooms, among beutyful views on the sea and stunning minimalist architectures, you can WALK inside surrealist landscapes or take a drink at the Edward Hopper's Phillie's bar. Or even admire a great baroque 3D ceiling by Andrea Del Pozzo, or get lost in the Escher's labyrinths.
Or even "DIE" like David's Marat in a bloody bathtub...

All that could get lost to SL art lovers: the creator, Ina Centaur, launched a support campaign, but offers are not still enough.
She thought to migrate to other virtual spaces, to preserve the great Primtings idea. But we should lose the pleasure to spend time in that place and our SL would be more sad and poor.

A long strip made by squares to color by our contribution is now at the Museum.
Add a little square to the collective painting we are making by our L$ helps, take part in the campaign Paint by Prims!
Primtings - Paint by Prims

Don't allow one of the best SL Art places desappear!!

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  1. On a more somber note, the saddening plan tha will ensue if PrimTings cannot be kept alive:

    Thankyou Melu!


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