Sunday, March 6, 2011

ECRU - 52 Weeks of Color Challenge

Following the challenge by Luna Jubilee, I come again with pics in the color of the week, after some ones by which i've been not inspired...
This time I tryed some effects with mirrors: it's a challenge in the challenge :)

MEB wardrobe is wide enough to contain ecru clothes (even if they are a darker shade of this color), and Melu Deco furniture can be made in matching woods :)

Here are the results...

As usual, better views can be found in my Flickr set


  1. These pix really have a kewl effect! Great job!

  2. Nice job ... I love to try mirror pics myself and I know how tricky that can be ;-)
    I like especially the first pic ...

  3. Wow love the mirror effects! Nice look!


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