Monday, May 12, 2014

I lived a dream, yesterday...

Yes, I lived a dream, yesterday!
It has begun years ago, when I was still a noobie, and I visited the old Flashmans club for the first time. I saw there a lady wearing a wonderful retro dress, red and black silk, 1930s cut, wide brim hat... I was stunned by the richness of textures and by the great style, so I asked the lady for the designer who had made it.
A few minutes later, I was at  Sonatta Morales' main store (it was at Ballyboo, then), and I couldn't believe  my eyes, seeing the impressive collection of retro fashion masterpieces that covered the walls. I felt like in an art gallery: each dress' vendor could have been a painting, depicting a fragment of the 1920-1950s world, the times I loved yet, when great fashion designers made ladies elegant throughout the main capitals of the world, creating a new way of thinking of fashion.
There started my passion for SL retro and vintage, and all that I made later in that field has kept Sonatta's style as a point of reference.
I already owned a lot of Sonatta's dresses when I met her, discovering that the style, the taste and the passion she put in her creation was the same she put in her behavior and in her way to be a friend.
The exciting moments I've lived everytime I met her are endless, but I can't forget how I was happy and moved when I saw my furniture decorating her stores!

A few time ago,  Algezares Magic, another old and close friend who owns now the modeling agency aQuarela, asked me to help her in a show she was planning for Sonatta's creations. I enthusiastically agreed and I started my work building the show's room, where Alge had set a stunning Art Deco runway. I chose my best furniture and lamps and I created some new ones. I took advantage from some of my past builds to create an environment that could match the glamour and the luxury of the 1930-40s. Finally, I dared to add some black/white photos of myself on the lobby walls, wearing the best Sonatta dresses I own.


A few days before the show, Alge asked me to host it.
Since then, I haven't had other thoughts... Well, I didn't neglect my (too many) jobs, but my inner calendar was pointed on the date when the little fan of the great Maestro would stand in front of her and of the public, presenting the great collection Sonatta was going to present on the aQuarela runway!
Sonatta helped me a lot, giving me a gorgeous, still unreleased dress for the event: when I wore it I suddenly thought of. the famous Irving Penn's photos of 1950' Balenciaga dresses! So I played with it, to try it at my best before the show, daring to imitate the great photographer's style.

At the show, I was too busy to take photos, so I can't show here almost anything of the huge audience, of the stunning models, of the warm and enthusiastic atmosphere of the event.
I can only show here below some views of the runway room and some pictures of the show's final moments, when Sonatta appeared on the runway to get the standing ovation from her models and from the public. I also add the pics I'll save as the best memories of this great day, portraying Sonatta together with myself.
I hope that any photographer took pictures and will be able to show them in the next days. But I had to write this post to tell that wonderful day from my own point of view.
A dream. Yes, it's been a dream made real!



  1. smiles ...what a wonderful blog!

  2. I am so happy helping you with your dreams :)

  3. I changed the text, fixing the horrible errors in the first release; thanks to my friend Laura for helping me in that :)


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