Thursday, May 8, 2014

One more exhibit...

... but a quite special one :)
Simonh Sandial, well known SL and RL photographer, invited me to show at his gallery, The Nite's Place; he allowed me to use 6 rooms, so I've thought to dedicate each of them to a different theme among the main ones I love to practice in my SL photographer's work.
The result is an exhibit called Themes, that will open next Friday May 9th, at 2pm SLT.

As it's shown on the poster, the themes are Details, Solitudes, Industry, Landscapes, Urban and Minimal. They cover almost all of the paths I've followed in the time, exploring some of the most beautiful realistic places of SL and trying to catch unusual perspectives, to look at daily life objects or environments in a special way. 
Solitudes and Minimal are more inspirations than properly "themes": most of the other sections'  photos could stay under those titles. But I'm happy with offering to visitors a more detailed guide to the different aspects of my research.
I hope your eyes will be happy like mine have been when I shot and edited these pictures :)

UPDATE May 9th
Once more, Ziki Questi offers a preview and a nice review of the exhibit on her exaustive blog. Thanks, Ziki!

Inara Pei posted a very informative review: Inara Pei's blog
Wizardoz Chrome took a stunning photo at the exhibit, and now she published a wonderful video :)


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