Thursday, June 26, 2014

MICOL: in beloved memory

It's a sad day, today.
I lost a beloved friend. She isn't the first one, in the last year, but pain isn't less hard. Maybe harder, if possible. Sadness added to sadness.

Micol Choche was a sweetie. Her RL wasn't so good, but her avi's face was always smiling and she always loved joking, dancing, wearing beautiful dresses, meeting nice people, decorating her beloved home... RL has been cruel with her, but she had had the support of many friends in SL and she was happy with that.
She was a model, graduated at look Elite Academy, but her illness didn't allow her to follow the strict discipline modeling requires. She tried to do all what she could, and SL was her main social environment. Her friends can remember her parties, her gifts, her nice and passionate talks...
She loved pets, and I have a kitten she gave me, named Silvestro. Micol gave it to me laughing and saying he was a peast... She was right, indeed! He can't refrain to push me everytime and to bother all my other pets! :))
This is a little tale, just to remember happy times. No solemnity, no bombastic words, today. SL is made of those simple, warm moments of joy.
Micol loved my photographs and she asked me many times to shot her. I was happy to support her joy for beauty and now I can keep some awesome memories of her. I'm glad to share them with all of you who will read this post.

Micol at Look Elite graduation


Micol happily wearing some new clothes and costumes :)

Micol, dear, I can't make anymore than this post for you. I would believe you can read it and remember the happy moments we spent together.
Bye, sweetie, bye!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Micol! I love it, Melu.. thanks for such a great work ♥ Micol, you will be in my heart forever... whereever you are now, I am sure you are happy, love you! ♥

  2. A touching way to remember her. Thank you melusina :-)


  3. how sweet... I hope she is in a better place but, just maybe, can still feel our thoughts for her :)


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