Monday, July 9, 2012

MEB on WEB - Blogger's pictures exhibit and summer showcase

I'm glad to announce a very special event by MEB:

"MEB on WEB exhibit" displays more than 40 photo that 28 bloggers published on their webpages, reviewing MEB clothes.

The exhibit will open on July 10, 2 pm at the Event Room of the MEB main store at Klio.

 At the opening, our models will showcase some new Summer outfits, the newest proposal from MEB for the season!

Perhaps for the first time, blogger's pics will be shown in an in-world exhibit: that will show how much their beautiful pics are influent in presenting designer's clothes to the widest public.

Bloggers make dresses live. Like models on the runway, they propose on the wider runway of the Web a personal styling, a proper background, adequate poses to show designer's clothes at their best.

MEB wants to dedicate an exhibit to this work. Blogger's pics will show the different way to interpretate MEB clothes and to add them worth.

Pics are taken from a lot of blogs, with their authors' permission, and they give an exciting view of the MEB large catalogue, along with the witness of the love for fashion that animates blogger's work.

Thank you, bloggers!

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