Sunday, June 3, 2012

Latest photo exhibits (and more)

Yesterday, at Ars Lunga, the beautiful Art SIM, Winter Nightfire opened a new gallery, near her own one, where she wanted to display some artist friends' works.
The gallery is named Cowboys and Surfers, since it's dedicated to Northern California style... :, although artworks are mostly abstract.
I'm honored Winter wanted to invite me to exhibit some photos... i was a bit ashamed to put my pics among works of well known SL artists like Theda Tammas, Dulcis Taurog, Fuschia Nightfire, Erynlight and Lagu Indigo, but... vanity is vanity, so I agreed Winter's proposal ;))
The opening has been a funny party, the Big Wave Rodeo: all people did dance on the notes of great Northern California singers, while admiring artworks among big waves, surfers' pads and cowboys stuff. Lynda Ultsch' hosting enhanced the special style of the event :)


Here below the pics I exhibit there.
(this pic is taken at Ashraya Project SIM, a charity event: incomes from sales will go to the Project)

Last week, I had the honor to open another exibit, at La Morada de la Campanilla, a very pretty SIM, inspired to the world of Peter Pan. Thanks to Marieli Uritza, I could show at their celtic Temple an anthology of my photo works. The exhibit will last until next week.

I also recently presented the Battersea Power Station model at Virtual Museum of Architecture, by a talk about that great Art Deco industrial architecture masterpiece, now threatened by speculation.

At the Galerie des Machines in Paris 1900 I take part in a wonderful exhibit by Les Photographes d'Intersim, a group managed by Olympes Rhode.

I think that all this can get confusion, so I summarize here below the ongoing exhibits where I display my works, along with the places where they can be seen permanently.

Ongoing exhibits:
Cowboys and Surfers Gallery, Ars Lunga
Melusina Photo Anthology - La Morada de la Campanilla
Battersea Power Station model, Virtual Museum of Architecture
Memoires, Galerie des machines, Paris 1900

Permanent exhibits:
e-mage - Melusina Photo Gallery at Chelsea
Art Walk at Campus d'Art
Galerie de la Duchée de Coeur
Clock Museum: 1930 French Table Clock

Enjoy the visits!

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