Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A very special fashion show!

Last Sunday LookElite Model Agency had had its Graduation Show. It has been the first task for the new Academy Director, Bety Dudek, who wanted to give the show a vintage theme. With the help of the expert LookElite's leading model Laura18 Streeter, she planned a show that wanted to make live again the 1930s atmosphere, asking for the dress one of the greatest vintage clothes designer of SL, Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia) for female dresses and Glam Dammit for male ones.
Both Bety and Laura are my close friends, as well as Squinternet, so I've been honored to be asked for building the set, that Bety wished to be  inspired to the legendary Cotton Club at Harlem, as shown in the Francis F. Coppola's movie.
It was a very exciting task, since with my brand Melu Deco I try since more than 2 years to re-create Art Deco famous furniture and to offer to all of vintage lovers accurate reproductions of furniture and decors in that style.

I re-created some details, while some others come from original period images: on the walls are displayed some framed pictures taken from a 1930s movie made at the Cotton Club's shows and a collection of original posters of the Club's "Parades" (shows) in the 1930s. Furniture, lights and decor in Art Deco style come from Melu Deco's catalogue. 

After two days from the show, I'm still impressed by the result! I saw the set I'd built taking life, by the presence of a lot of glamorous people who interpretated those times wearing dresses, shoes, hair and jewelry coming from the Jazz Era.

It has been a great emotion seeing the pretty orchestra playing Mainland Music instruments while the streaming leaded by Runa McMillan diffonded the notes by Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway. It has been a great emotion seeing the models walking among the 1930s style street lamps set around the runway, wearing the magnificient outfits by Donna Flora. It has been a great emotion seeing barmans, welcome girls (Ona Waffle), host and public sitting or wandering around the black and gold chairs and tables, the long bar counters, the luxurious couches that I put into the venue to give that special luxury the feeling the 1930s Cotton Club should have had.


All has been perfect, thanks to the care of Bety and Laura, to the cleverness of the graduating models Dreamlove, Kellis Denimore, Humble Sugarplum and  Moz Vardes, of the host Briju Meriman and of the singer Leah Portland. People, who came in huge number, could enjoy living an evening of the past, drinking champagne and listening good music, while admiring the fabulous dresses worn by models who did seem much more than just graduating ones and who have shown how great will their future carrier be.
For me, it has been an evening of strong feelings: creating such an environment is a dream for every vintage stuff designer, but it's been much more worthy making it for so beloved friends as Bety, Laura and Squinternet are.

I think it has been the most difficult and the best successful decor I ever made, and deleting it after the show made to come out a tear from my eyes. But it has been just a moment: I will keep that evening's memory forever, along with the memory of the smile I could see on the faces of all my friends who took part in or came seeing the show.

Thank you Bety, thank you Laura, thank you Squinternet: you gave me the opportunity to make something unforgettable!

A more complete photo-story of the show, from the moment just before the start to its aftermaths, can be seen in my Flickr set: 


  1. Such a beautiful, moving post. Thank you Melu for being there and making this show become reality!

  2. Me encantan las fotos, el show fue impresionante, decorado, ambientación, organización, fue como una inmersión total dentro de la epoca, con todos los detalles, fantastico!:*

  3. What wonderful thoughts. And yes, it was a beautiful show, and the ambiance created by your set was a large part of what made it special. ♥

  4. So happy to read these comments! Thank you Laura, Syra, Bourbie! :)


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