Sunday, May 6, 2012

My gallery!

I'm happy and proud to announce the opening of a little photo gallery at SL Chelsea, NYC, named E-mage gallery.

Close to the legendary Chelsea Hotel, among dozen of amazing art and photo gallery, my little space wants to offer a selection of pics coming from my exhibits and to update about new photo series.
At the moment you'll find there some previews of a forthcoming exhibit titled "Tales of Shadow and Light".
I'm glad to invite all of you to come seeing my new venue, in the hope it can offer to you the same love and passion for art that has brought me to set it.
Enjoy your visit!

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  1. What a wonderful shop and a fabulous location. I've always loved the ambiance of Chelsea Hotel neighborhood in SL. And its a great place to display your art.

    SURL to e-mage:


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