Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Proud winner of the photo contest Winter in Berlin!

When snow started falling on 1920 Berlin, a photo contest has been published for pics inspired to that magical scenery. I spent a great night wandering around the city and shooting beautiful corners covered by the white. But i never had thought that my pics would be appreciated so much to make me win the contest!

Now I received the notice of the winning I'm happy twice: first 'cause my pic has been judged well, second 'cause Berlin is one of my preferred places in SL since my beginning. I remember when I arrived by chance to Flashmans - another place I did learn loving so much! - and a lady, seating on the bar and wearing a wonderful dress (I was not aware of it, but i was discovering then the great clothes by Sonatta Morales), told me about 1920 Berlin.
Being a lover of history and art, and mostly of the style and art of the decades between the two WW, my curiosity arose up and i couldn't wait to visit that place.

I went there with a close friend, Maizon Rayna, and it has been a stunning visit! We were speechless seeing the historical atmosphere of the still unfinished city, the narrow streets and the broad Unter den Linden, the slums with walls covered by political propaganda and the luxury cafes and hotels...
Then, we saw a lady entering a door... despite she did seem very busy, Maizon has been bold and asked her about the place. So we met Jo Yardley, who wore yet her now famous barmaid apron :) She drove us for a while around the city, and finally showed us a brand new club: it was the Keller!

Months after, when i started my brand Melu Deco, I wished it would be appreciated there, since my furniture style is exactly that of the time in which Berlin lives. Frau Yardley gave me a shop on rent, but she was a bit worried I shouldn't like that it was beneath the "Gentleman's club".
On the other hand, I found that a nice thing, and i was right! I met there some wonderful friends, like Pola Solo, and i could have the joy to see sitting in my shop (what better than a furniture shop to sit down and chatting?) many Berliners.

The following story would be long to tell: i lived some great and dramatic moments of the Berlin life, from the Miss Berlin Contest, to the moving church service for the anniversary celebrated by Father Cuthbert Helendale, to the impressive self distruction of the old city made by Frau Yardley when she built the new SIM and moved Berlin there...

At that time, Frau Yardley has been so kind to drive me through a desert, still closed SIM: crazily driving her car - as usual ;) - she showed me the new city, and I was speechless again: without losing anything of its style and of its historical accuracy, the small city I knew was become a metropolis!
In the new SIM I could get two Melu Deco shops: one in the visitors' area, the other one at the no.6 of the awesome Alexanderplatz. I'm always delighted when i take the train to Berlin and, going out from the Station, I see my sign in that famous square :)

I regret missing a lot of events, and to have too few time to enjoy often the slightly surreal talks at the Keller at the daily Happy Hours, but nevertheless, the list of the amazing events i take part in there is endless: luxury Mask Balls, great Burlesque and Cabaret sessions, great art exhibits, pretty holiday markets and open air feasts... All that, thanks to the tireless work made by Jo Yardley and by some other great spirits, like the art lover and expert GStone Turas, whose friendship has become one of the great thing of my SL.
Recently, then, a new attraction has been set: the Eldorado club, managed by Sonatta Morales! If somebody want to live an authentic 1920s club's atmosphere, naughty and genial, anarchic and whimsical, just go there!

I have also had the honor to see my photo exhibit Future Past in the Schloss Museum last Summer. It has been exciting to see my pics on the walls of that austere and solemn columned building!

It's also exciting seeing my furniture in the homes of many Berliners: after 18 months I keep there my shops I can proudly say they are a point of reference for the decor of many tenants. They have been presented at their beginning on the Berlin magazine, edited then by Zeno McAuley, while my last photo exhibit has been published too on the stunning magazine Styl, edited by GStone Turas, whose kindness and friendship made her also sponsor the exhibit.

Now, I'm happy to see my portrait among the ones of the Berlin Long Term Tenants, close to those of many friends and city's life protagonists. This makes me remember all the great moments i lived in this unique place and I tried to summarize in this post.

Buildings and streets are awesome and full of interesting things, but a city is made by its residents: i couldn't name all of the other people who let me share a so amazing experience, but I didn't forget them. To all of them and to all of the ones I mentioned yet I due the proudness to be able saying... I'm a Berliner!


  1. Great article, such fun reading back how it all began!
    We're glad to have you!

  2. What a lovely blog entry. Congratulations on winning the award--you certainly deserved it, Melu.


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