Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MELU DECO Perfume Bottles Collection !

I created some vintage perfume bottles and i thought to sell them in a more funny way than the usual one.

I made a Gatcha with more than 50 bottles and i invite customers to collect them. Since they are transfer, ppl are able to exchange their copies with friends to complete the 10 sets of the collection. When a single set of 5 bottles is complete, the collector will receive a gift from my brand.

Moreover, bottles are entitled to famous people of the Art Deco decades, so they stimulate ppl to learn more about those great times :)

Go to Melu Deco shops, click the sign and get the "How to" notecard, for instructions, gifts' list, and more. Then... click the Gatcha and start the game!

For a better view, and for detailed pics of each bottle set, see my Flickr

MELU DECO main store

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