Monday, April 14, 2014

My photo won the Paris 1900 Photo Contest!

I know and love Paris 1900 since my very first SL days. 
I enjoyed long walks around that beautiful SIM, discovering new corners every time I did.
I keep there a Melu Deco store on the Champs Elysées, that's one of my most biggest and beloved ones. Moreover, I take care of two MEB Fashion shops in the city and I also worked on decorating many Paris apartments.
But Paris is for me also the place where I started exhibiting my photos: thanks to Olympes Rhode, I've taken part in an exhibit called "Paris Impressions" in 2011 and I never shall forget how exciting has been seeing my pics hanging on the walls of the Brasserie, close to Moulin Rouge.
So, it's a special pleausure to me being the winner of the Paris 1900 photo contest, today.
In the photo I proposed to the jury and to the public, called "Ville Lumiére" I'm posing on the bright background of the Arc de Triomphe, framed by the Champs Elysées streetlamps, wearing the stunning Sonatta Morales' Fera dress. Among many other pictures taken for the contest, I loved this one for the light and 'cause it shows one of the most famous view of the city.
I want to consider it as an homage to a place I love and where I met a lot of great people and good friends.

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