Friday, February 7, 2014

Slideshow "American Signs" :))

I got a lot of fun, making a slideshow on You Tube, showing a series of my photos titled "American Signs" :))

I gathered there many pictures of different kind of signs. I've taken them for my series "Americana", since signs are a typical expression of urban culture.
Neon lights, advertising posters, motels', diners' or gas stations' signs populate our imaginery, and some of them are masterpieces of fun, of vintage style or even of urban popular culture.

Through SL you can find a lot of them, and this collection is a parade of fonts, lights and announcements from dozen of beautiful SIMs I visited.
I paired to them a cheerful country-rock soundtrack by Chris Norton and Frank Mezin, that looks fitting well to the images, mostly taken in Southern or Western SIMs.

The Americana series, a work in progress, counting at this moment more than 200 pics (but I planned to post up to 500), is avalaible on my Flickr:

Enjoy it!

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