Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tamara !

Today is my fifth birthday in SL.
I'm too lazy to make parties or so, but my friends don't forget the date :)
So, Laura18 Streeter has come to my home, bringing a big pink box (what color if not pink, for a Laura's box?) ;)) I opened it and inside.... I've found another box, from Kittycats!
I don't know if you are aware that when you buy a kitten, you touch the box and you get a message saying: "Your kitten has opened her eyes, but she needs 15 minutes to be ready".
15 minutes can be very long, when you're waiting for a new baby :))  I kept sitting with Laura, talking about kittens, while the box followed sending messages about the state of the birth process and sometimes it moved, 'cause the pet inside did definitely want to come seeing her new family!
After 15 minutes, the box disappeared and we saw something like a little white stain on my black rug: a moving stain! The kitten!!
Laura told me that, seeing the image of the new pet, she had thought of Art Deco: the shiny white hair, the elegance make her look like coming from that glamorous Era. So I suddenly thought of famous 1920 women for the name to give her, and I've chosen Tamara, in honor to the great painter Tamara de Lempicka, an Art Deco icon.
Tamara is very, very small: we couldn't shoot her close with us, simply 'cause even a foot is too big to stay in the frame, when you want to focus on that microbe :))

Along with Tamara, Laura gave me a collar for her. it's a very pretty one: gems and gold for a true Lady, as Tammy has shown to be since her very first steps in this world :))

We've taken a lot of pics, where Tamara, without any point of reference, looks like a normal cat. But she isn't! Her lovely blue eyes are like pinheads, and when she runs around my home's floor (how speedy is she!) , peeking at every object I have there, you can think it's just a white ant!

See her at "home" (her home is a pretty cushion i bought for her "brothers" and "sisters" Mercury, Silvestro and Hanaya... yes, I've four kittens, now, aside the other shoulder ones! My lazy labrador Ulisse will be even more jealous!) and compare her size to that of the older brother on the background!

And see how Hanaya makes the "watchCAT" while Tamara is sleeping!

I see I put a lot of "!" in this post. It's the sign of my enthusiasm and happiness for the new baby kitten, and of my love for my friend Laura, who wanted to celebrate my 5 years of SL - that are almost 5 years of friendship between us - giving me an unforgettable afternoon, the afternoon Tamara is born!


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