Saturday, August 31, 2013

Light Art

Thanks to my friend The Captain (Walter Gedenspire), who invited me, I had the opportunity to attend a unique show, yesterday.
Kikiri Tuqiri is a digital artist in RL and in SL ( Her Egyptian Fantasies is a stunning light show: I never saw anything like the ephemeral sculptures of light that appear on the stage while Kiki dances following a new age-arabian music.

I never had thought such light effects were possible in SL. Kikiri masters light like they come from a painter's brush, creating abstract shapes, colored waterfalls, fireworks, planets and even animal or surreal shapes.

I got astonished looking at those changing, shining and fading lights! I couldn't stop taking pictures, and I want to share them with all art lovers of SL.
Don't miss next show by Kikiri, it's a unique experience!


  1. Loved it just like last week. We recorded the full show this time for those who missed it;

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful video, Siggy!


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