Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My new photo exhibit: Pixel factories

... and finally i had the opportunity to show a selection from my huge "industrial" photo archive!
Thanks to my friends Dizzy Lizzy and Tigress Tigerfish, who invited me to exhibit at their gallery at Dizzyland, today June 4th, at 11.30 pm, my new exhibit "Pixel Factories - Views from the Second Life industry" will open.
I won't add anything to that I've written in the introduction you can find at the exhibit. Just quoting here something from it, to give a first idea of why i've been so amazed by these places:
"I walked through a lot of SIMs and lands looking for famous or hidden factories and workshops, riding distressed roads, watching dirty buildings, meeting mysterious engines. I wanted to catch with my photographer's eye and tools the atmosphere, the feelings, the suggestions that arise from their apparent mess and sadness. Smelling the sour scent of steel and oil, watching infinite repeats of the same mechanical moves, and then working on my pics to crop a fascinating detail, or to enhance a neat skyline, made me fall in love with those bold metal structures, with the endless brick walls, with the broken or working hot engines".
I hope to share with all of you this mood and these feelings.
Enjoy the exhibit!

I don't need to give a preview here: Ziki Questi made it yet on her blog. I thank her very much for her post and invite you to see and read it:

Update June 18th
Wizardoz Chrome has released an awesome video on this exhibit: its retro b/w look is perfect for the subject; music, by Chet Baker, is great! Enjoy it!

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