Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new exhibition: Visioni (Ars Exhibendi-MBI Gallery)

Rubin Mayo, very active owner of the gallery Ars Exhibendi - MBI, has given me another opportunity to show together the different kinds of creations I've been going making in SL.

After the exhibition Art Deco, at Art India Gallery (thanks to Quan Lavender), where I presented photos and furniture in that style, planning the exhibition "Visioni. Foto, oggetti, costruzioni fra passato e presente (Visions. Photos, objects, buildings between Past and Present) pushed me to think about the relationships between my passion for minimalist and retro photography, for Art Deco furniture and decor, for Art Deco architecture, for industrial and post-industrial landscapes and buildings.
The result of this reflections has been an exhibit that takes advantage from the 4 rooms gallery to organize my stuff around four themes, unified by the reference to the past.

The first room is dedicated to Simple lines. I show there both photos and furniture of some of my buildings and decorations, along with a selection from my minimalist photo's series.

I put here photos of the Paris 1900 Melu Deco shop and of the exhibition room at Art India Gallery, where my exhibit Art Deco has been hosted, both decorated according to that style, and two pictures of the LookElite Model Agency building, that I attempted to build and decorate in a luxurious 1940s style.  
The sign here below says how minimalism and Art Deco style have common features.

The following room is the Old Lights room: since Light and shadow are its theme, I've set up two crossing streets bordered by streetlamps (although one of their type is more a living room one). Their 1930s taste is recalled by a lot of the photos on the walls: SL is full of retro towns, much more beyond the best known ones, like 1920 Berlin or Paris 1900, or even Bay City.

Then, the Time Travels room: four corners decorated by famous designers' furniture (from Lalique to Gabriel) I have reproduced by prims and meshes or by my own design stuff. They are rounded by a photo serie called "Found in the Attic", photos of vintage clothes taken on RL retro backgrounds or taken at beautiful historical places of SL.

Finally, the room where I placed a model of the London Battersea Power Plant, the famous landmark of the British capital, built in the 1930s and now threatened by neglect and estate speculation. The SL side of my passion for industrial architecture is shown on this room's walls: 12 selected black and white photos from the huge archive I collected in my explorations of these fascinating virtual places.

Visit the exhibit: Ars Exhibendi - MBI

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