Friday, September 7, 2012

Solitudes photo exhibit

Thanks to Serena Estates Center for Artists and the Arts managed by Vita Theas, I could display the whole collection of my photo themed "Solitudes". I got a small preview at my e-mage gallery at Chelsea, but i think that meanings and style of that kind of picture is enhanced when they are all together.

The pretty gallery open spaces gave the photos a great environment to be seen at their best. I loved seeing them on sky or trees backgrounds.
Many friends did enjoy the opening and could look at the exhibit chatting and drinking good champagne and vodka. I thank all of them and the others who will come visiting until the show will be open (end of September). 

The text that follows is taken from the Introduction on the Exhibit's sign, and expresses well my aims and the mood I got when working on these photos.

Solitude is a plural word. We can be alone in the most crowded places, we can find loneliness in a town street as well as in a desert. Solitude can be desperation but also peacefulness, just rest or push to fill the void.
Second Life adds new dimensions to these feelings: large spaces, few people, empty landscapes or buildings make us feel all the appeal of an uncrowded world. It can be slightly sad, but it makes us talk with things, lights, shapes. And they have a lot to tell.
I took a lot of picture of lonely places that fascinated me. I invite you to fill these empty spaces with your feelings.

If you like these thoughts, pls, visit the exhibit and enjoy it!

Some sample pics:

A streetcar called Desire
(taken at Paris 1900)

(taken at Hope for Emilia project)

(taken at Reasonable Desires)

(taken at The Abyss)

 (taken at Reasonable Desires)


(taken at Reasonable Desires)

(taken at Tableau)

While writing this post, I realized I've been appointed as Photographer of the month by More Moolto magazine. Thank you, Moolto!
Read the article here (at page 81)

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