Wednesday, November 23, 2011

vintAGE imAGE: photo exhibit at Seraph City

After two important exhibits i couldn't blog 'cause the lack of time, at the Schloss Museum, 1920 Berlin and at the R&D Gallery where my friends Redcin y Danny host me regularly, i got the honor to be sponsored by the Berliner Styl magazine for a photo exhibit at Seraph City, so I moved there the vintAGE imAGE exhibit, the one i held at R&D gallery in the past months.
"Vintage Image. Details from a glamorous past" is the complete title, 'cause it's centered on fragments of the reality the camera doesn't copy, but does build.

I wrote it in the introduction of the show, that now is part of an article published on the new Berliner Styl issue.

Being sponsored by GStone Turas, the magazine's editor, is really an honor: GStone is a volcan who never stops thinking and making great cultural initiatives, at her gallery in Berlin and elsewhere. She's one of the protagonists of the cultural Second Life, and one of the greatest animators of the Berlin life.

Moreover, she proposed my pics to be hosted in Seraph City, one of the great retro SIMs of SL, together with Berlin, Paris 1900, Chicago Roaring 20s, Old Hollywood and a few others, more Steampunk style, like Caledon or New Babbage. I love Seraph since my first visit, when i rented a shop that is still there, close to the New Champagne Room venue. Its Art Deco architecture is one of the best examples of that style to the extent of a whole city.

No place would be more appropriate, then, than the First Bank building, that is being hosting my exhibit through to December 15th, thanks to the courtesy of its owner, Paul Creighton.

. You can find also a kiosk whre to buy the stunning issue of Styl magazine dedicated to travels.

I'm happy to show here some of the photos of the exhibit, inviting my readers to enjoy a visit there.

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