Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I got a great gift...: LollipopZ hair!

I'm so happy that my work in SL Fashion let me meet so many amazing people!
One of them is my friend Zeev Dinzeo, whose LollipopZ hair I wear very often (when I'm in Avination, when i've less hair than in SL, I wear almost only her Chances hair, whose blonde color and whose bun closed in a black net make a very great effect!).
Now, she has been so kind to give me her new hair's line, and i want to share some of them with my readers.
Hair come with their matching hair bases, and this is yet a great improvement to their fitting; moreover, the choice of colors is so wide that i had to stop trying them last night, 'cause the dawn was coming yet!
Finally, hair with accessories (bows, bands, berets...) have a HUD that allows to change the accessory color, so that you can adapt them to your outfit.
No more words, then! Let me show now some sample of these great creations.

Angelic hair is one of most versatile ones i ever got: here, I wear it in a semi-elegant mood, with the MEB Capri outfit, but while i write i'me wearing the Auburn version with a full colored bobo-chic outfit, and i can ensure you it's stunning too! Moreover, you can add it a big braid, laying on your breast :)

Daniela hair style mixes up an elegant cut and a wild and provocative one. Here i wear it with the top MEB gown, Red Carpet Neige, and it's a pity you can't see how well curls on the back move when i walk. Really original, glamour and sexy!

The white version of the same hair Daniela requires another skin, to stress the almost futurist mood it suggest. I worn my Glam Affair Mary Grey skin, and you can easily see by yourselves how it enhances the sober and refined elegance of this bright white hair.

I was talking about accessories, before. Well, the simple wool band coming with Julia hair can change by HUD up to 8 different colors, making of this hair a perfect example of classy casual ones. Another accessoried hair is Scarlet, with its cute wool beret, that leaves just some curls outside its shape.

The LollipopZ new line is then completed by Dolce, long hair, coming down to the breast on both two sides (and can add braid too).

Thanks, Zeev, really great hair styles!!

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