Sunday, February 6, 2011

52 weeks of Color Challenge: BLACK!

This is the most difficult challenge!
How to choose among the thousands of black outfits I have in my inventory?
Well, i've to put more than one pic (again!)

For the first "black" pic I choose a place and a dress that recall one of my favorite places: I worn the MEB Yvette outfit (an homage to Yves Saint Laurent) and I did dream to walk along the ancient Monmartre streets in Paris. Within a week I'll do there (in SL Paris 1900) an exciting thing: I'll take part in an exhibit with some of my Paris' pics! So, nothing more appropriate than wearing this great outfit, dedicated to the French fashion Master!

Now the vintage pics!
Using my own furniture and accessories (Melu Deco), I build a set celebrating the so called Jazz Era: just a couple of stand lamps, a black consolle, a fitting rug. But the atmosphere is done by some icon of that times: the pic by Tamara de Lempicka, the Queen of Art Deco painting, and the Lalique's vase, a well known masterpiece by the great French artist of the decorated glass.
Jazz Era: I'm wearing now a stunning outfit by my dear and great talented friend Maizon Rayna (Terra d'Ombra), that she called Coltrane. Have I to say that this is to me A Love Supreme? *

On the same background, i wanted to wear two dresses from the small collection of precious pieces by Rush Raymaker (Stylissimo): the total black Twisted Victoria and the golden glittering Nightingale's Lock.

What could be more appropriate to celebrate the color (or not-color?) that is the keyword for most of the Haute Couture, the main color of the Jazz scene and one of the main features of the Art Deco style?

* A Love Supreme is the masterpiece suite recorded by John Coltrane in 1964; it's considered one of the greatest and most influential works in Jazz and music history.


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