Friday, July 31, 2009

At the very beginning...

January 2009:
it's the first time i meet MEB (the brand, the store) and M.E.B. (MariaElena Barbosa, the designer). I fall in love with outfits like these ones.
Prada is a light silk minidress, available in three smooth colors (in the pic, the grey one), simple enough to be innocent, small enough to be provocative.
Tayra is a short coat that easily become an afternoon dress, fascinating by its lovely colors (blue, pink, white or mauve, white and blue).
Audrey is an homage to the famous A. Hepburn elegance, and needs no words to say its charme.

Was I wrong, then?


  1. Hey Mel, good idea !
    Hope to read more here !
    Enjoy your vancation :)

  2. ...and things changed for MEB forever....



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